These are my most recent shoots. I'll also post about my life, recipes I butchered, and movies and books I've recently enjoyed.

Spring Break and New Quarter

Hey Friend Nation,


So sorry I didn’t stick to my word and post something that I had found on Pintrest to try out. It was my spring break and my boyfriend came into town from Kansas. We are doing the long distance thing (and have been for 18 months tomorrow) and I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. Now that he has gone back to Kansas, I spent my Easter on my couch all weepy-eyed watching Comedy Central. My lovely sister did come by to hang out which I greatly appreciated. Sadness is easier because it’s submission.


We also did so many awesome things while he was here such as going to the comic book store, his first time to the Cheesecake Factory, Costume shop, bowling, photo shoot, the Diamond (which is a cute burger joint), watched movies such as Jack the Giant Slayer and Oz. We also rented movies like 007 Skyfall, Sinister, Taken 2, and Argo. We got to lazy around and catch up on cuddle time and a lot of sleep. We watched the March Madness games and ordered cheap Chinese food. Went and got ice cream a few times. I literally had the time of my life.


Tomorrow is the beginning of my new and final quarter. I have several shoots lined up for families and fine art portraits and need a few more for my engagements. I am pretty excited about graduating. The day after I graduate my boyfriend and his kids come to visit me and my family and we have a lot to look forward to and then we drive back a week later and there I start my photography business.


I do plan on going out there May 3rd to the 12th to celebrate my little man Sev’s birthday and also do some photo shoots with some contacts I’ve made. That way I can shove those in my portfolio and hopefully have a big enough body of work to show off. I’m so excited. 5 weeks…. Just wait 5 weeks.


I don’t want to get mushy in my post about things but if you are in a Long Distance relationship and it is getting tough, hold fast. I know several relationships that have been in a long distance relationship that have closed the distance and they have zero regrets in life. Everyone knows the phrase “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” and if you know anyone in this position you know how much he or she hate that saying. Although this cliché piece of nonsense is just that it is also really true. Instead of having this boy toy of a relationship something else bloomed. Patience, honesty, understanding, and suddenly this person you have a relationship with becomes something famous to your life. You know what you’re going through to fight for a relationship that is so unnatural and there is someone who is fighting just as hard for you. Isn’t that exciting? It’s almost romantic if it didn’t suck so badly.


You military wives who see their husbands off to war… you are the true country heroes. You’re husband is a wonderful hero too but you give him the strength and courage to allow him to do what he can do as well as have enough strength and courage to continue your life. I can’t imagine. I don’t see Marc for 80 days and I crumble. I just want you to know that I admire you daily and I pray that God continues to give you strength.


Stay tuned for the next 11 weeks. I am so excited to share this final journey and to start a new one.





1 Corinthians 13:7



To see photos from my Spring Break follow me on instagram at @Photojennix

Pintrest Wednesday #1

As promised I am posting an attempt at a Pintrest Recipe. Because I’m on the HCG diet, I had to be careful at what I picked but have been interested in making Apple Chips for a really long time. After I found a recipe for it at The Italian Dish Blog I did my best to recreate it. Unfortunately I don’t have a mandolin to slice all my fruit perfectly but I do have a random apple slicer that peals, cores and slices the apples pretty evenly. Here is a photo of my attempt.

I baked these puppies at 225 degrees for 2 and a half hours. They had stevia and cinnomin on them and they were actually really good. Here is a link to the recipe: Home Made Apple Chips

Now mine art as pretty as hers but for my first attempt it didn’t suck. I might try to use some kind of non sticking spray next time and might check the time since they still had a little moisture in them but all in all, it was pretty great.

Bloggin and Shouting Out to our Graduates

So getting back to blogging. Seems like I fall off the radar every other month. I’m promising to get better at it.

I still have one more week left until my second to last quarter ends. I’m really pleased with how things worked out! I love my website (so far), I love my business plan, I love my portfolio and I’m excited to end with a bang come June.

I am so excited to see my main man this Friday! It’s been 70 days today since I’ve seen him or his family. I’m so thrilled!!! He’s going to be so smiley! We are planning to visit the beach and then the mountains. Thank God for living in North Carolina! He has been my biggest inspiration. 

I am currently living up to the college girl title and loving Pintrest. The only thing is I never have time to do anything I’ve “pinned”

I have however done a few things and liked a few but I’m ready to jump in and become an active pinner. So I’m going to inact Pinner Wednesday. Every week I’ll try something I’ve pinned; drink, recipe, craft, teeth whiting trick. Something! I’ll post if I like it or if I butchered it. Don’t worry I’ll post photos. Addicted to those “Nailed it” photos and have a feeling I just might run the campaign.

Love you all!


Quick shout out to my college graduate friends!
Tiffany Dyer



Favorite Memory: When we went to Carolina Place Mall and played in the Disney Store. I love all the help you’ve ever leant me. I love your attitude and how free spirited yet grounded you are. I love how you are so firm in your faith and how talented you are. You have a knack for being creative. You and your sister have such an amazing future ahead of you! I’d love to help any way I can. I appreciate our relationship and I’m so excited for you!!!

Kelsey Smith


Favorite Memory: Laughing our butts off in Digital Publishing. I always had a blast with you in class. I love how funny and exciting you are and how professional all your work looks. It’s amazing what you can come up with. And I will always have a special place in my heart for you for introducing me to Gossip Girl. Always. Still waiting to schedule a night full of waffles and drinks.

Brad York



Favorite Memory: When we went to Eddie’s Place with Lauren during Location class and you took pictures of my dad. You have a way of always problem solving. You’re extremely talented and I can’t wait to see where you go next. You are going to be so successful and that isn’t only because of your talent but your heart for people. Keep it up!

Up and Up

Hey Friend Nation,


            This week has been pretty awesome so far. I love what I am doing at Grace Academy with working with kids and helping with flip book demos and everything. Absolutely loving it!

            I felt pretty crummy towards the end of this week with a sinus infection which started late Wednesday. I am feeling SO much better now that I’ve been downing hot tea, all sorts of vitamins and getting back on schedule.

            Marc unfortunately can’t make it for Valentines day. Which means the next time we see each other will be in 42 days. Yay! I miss him so much. If anyone has ever been in a long distance relationship, my heart goes out to you! But seeing that person again after such a long period of time is SO WORTH IT!

            I have signed up for my final set of classes! Woohoo! Graduation here I come! I am so thrilled to finally have a good foundation in what I want to do and seeing all this support is giving me an excellent final push!

            I have a few shoots with some amazing people this weekend! I am getting to take photos of this little family whose mom I’ve met in high school. 7 years later I’m honored to take pictures with her, her husband and her adorable little son! Next I have a cute engagement couple session with a darling soon to be wife and her man. And then on Sunday I’m having fun with 2 babies at Ms. Barbee’s house and taking lifestyle images with them!

            This marketing and business plan is so much fun but SO MUCH WORK! I love having a place where I can come and journal.

            I’m thinking about having an Instagram contest. Maybe do a month of babies, then the next seniors, ect. I’m trying to figure out prizes too. Maybe a free 2 hour session or a gift card to a restaurant or some where? Let me know what you guys and gals think! I’ll post more details soon.

            Have a blessed day everybody!



Recipe butchered #1: microwaving frozen dinners. I promise I’m really not that bad.

Loving Life

Hello Friends,

            I’ve had such an amazing experience so far in 2013. For the last 3 weeks I have learned so much from people and their actions, to business, to having hope, understanding disappointment and overall growing in my confidence and faith.

            God has been showing his grace more and more to me. I am interning at a private school named Grace Academy and grow more and more excited about how I can inspire young minds into creating art. I am so blessed to have this opportunity and make the connections I have been. Wendy and Rusty Burroughs are definitely my idols when it comes to having a God centered business and future. I’m so honored to call them my mentors.

            Joe, Nathan and Shelia are working tooth and nail to help me polish off my business plan, branding and creating my website and social networking and helping me push forward to build a portfolio I’m happy to share. 

            My relationship with Marc has grown stronger and stronger with every passing day. We have our moments of sadness or loneliness but it comes with the package of a long distance relationship. We are blessed to be in each other’s lives and already this year it has blown last year out of the water (and last year was a pretty amazing year for us). Growing in our faith in God has really helped being away from each other.

            Today I took pictures of an adorable baby girl named Sophia Grace. I’m getting ready to share some photos but all in all I have never met a more happy and content baby. Her mother is such a darling beautiful person. I admire her so much from bringing this beautiful baby into this world to still working hard and getting things done. She helped me out so much allowing me to photograph her child for my portfolio. Hoping to find additional babies to photograph for my portfolio.

            Thank you all for taking time out to read this. My prayer this week comes from Colossians 3:23. I want to work hard to please my Lord. I want to be an example of His love and what a life filled with Him is like.

            Be safe this week!




Beautiful Baby: Sophia Grace

An amazing Friday night.

A test for special topics 2
Meet baby Sawyer. He’s 4 weeks old and he’s the biggest blessing I’ve seen in a while. His Mommy and Daddy are two beautiful people and I loved asking them questions on how it feels to be new parents.